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Doreen Sinnett Tiny Dolls Will be Going out of Business as of December 31, 2022

Doreen Sinnett Dolls has had a very good life and we have made so many good friends throughout our last 40 years of doing business. We have all missed my mom ,Doreen, very much over the last 15 years, no one more than I, her daughter, Drena.

Our life is going in a different direction and I have made the decision to close down the business. We are going to miss everyone. I will be discontinuing all of our line of Molds and everything on the web page. I will be posting updates here, on which molds are going to go first. We plan on being fully out of business by December 31, 2022We appreciate everyone's business over the years and we wish you all well in the upcoming years.

Upcoming Molds to be discontinued by October 31, 2022: (subject to availability)

Mr. & Mrs Santa; Wee Woody; Chrystal Set of molds; Fairy Baby;  Baby Hilda; German Baby Tina; Fairy Twinkles; Minnie Mermaid

Molds that have been Discontinued:

4" Antique Reproduction molds; 6" Cabinet Molds; W and W2 molds;  Bitty Ballerina; Mans Body B3;  H2 Heads;  Ittsy Bittsy;

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Pictured above"Arial"  and Fairy  Twinkles,  Fairy Faye and Baby Precious 

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