Prewaved Hair (& Wigs below)
(Recommended for 1 Inch to 1 Foot Scale and smaller)

Our very own original product being used by doll lovers around the world for the last 21 years. Each piece is individually waved and will wig from one to three dolls, depending on head size.

Colors shown from left to right: Ash Blonde, Strawberry Blonde, Platinum blonde, Chestnut brown, White, Black, Orange. (Yellow is discontinued)

The hair is pre-packaged with an assortment of colors as shown below. Comes with complete instructions showing you how to use the hair, just gluing it directly to the head, in any style you choose. (Doreen's Prewaved Hair is of a synthetic fiber, different than the Wigs below)

Our Prewaved Hair is shown on "Monique and Albert" dollhouse dolls.   YELLOW COLOR PREWAVED HAIR IS DISCONTINUED 4/8/2022
(5 1/2" to 6" tall)

2 Ash Blonde
2 Platinum Blonde
2 Chestnut
2 Black,
1 Orange, 1 White

$15.00 for a 10 piece pkg.
$1.50 ea. piece)
4 Ash Blonde
4 Platinum Blonde
4 Chestnut
4 Black,
2 Orange, 2 White

$27.00 for a 20 piece pkg.
$1.35 ea piece)
8 Ash Blonde
8 Platinum Blonde
8 Chestnut
8 Black,
4 Orange, 4 White

$48.00 for a 40 piece pkg.
$1.20 ea piece)

NEW!   Tiny Wigs  NEW!

Doreens Thumbnail size Tiny wigs measure 1 3/4" around the head, just above the ears. These lovely little wigs shown here are designed specifically for Doreen Sinnett's Dollhouse dolls. They may not fit other dollhouse dolls. To be sure wig will fit your doll, measure your greenware before firing and it should measure 2 1/4" around the head.
(These Wigs are not made from the same fiber as Doreens Prewaved Hair)

Wig Style "A"                  Shown on "Monique"

This is a beautiful wig. It has tiny braids by her ears and on the crown. Tiny curly bangs and a section of hair pulled to the back and tied over long hair.

Price: $15.25 per wig ppd.

Style A::

Wig Style "B" (Red)
Shown on "Meg".

Tiny, curly, bangs. Hair parted in the center and six sausage curls tied 3 on each side.

Price: $13.25 per wig ppd.

Style B::

Wig Style "C" (Golden Auburn)
shown on "Harriet".

Three rows of tiny curls over the forehead, plus six sausage curls around the neck area.
(Flower not included)

Price: $13.25 per wig ppd.

Style C::

Wig Style "D" (Golden Strawberry) Shown on "Scarlett".

Easy to use style. Excellent for modern or the 20's women, men or children.
Price: $13.25 per wig ppd.
Style D::

Wig Style "E"
Shown on "Arial".

Straight bangs and a cascade of long curls with a bow at the crown. Lends itself to several different styles.
Price: $13.25 per wig ppd.
Style E::

Wig Style "F" (Ginger Brown)
shown on "Vivian".

Straight bangs with a cascade of short curls. Looks like a Gibson girl style.
Price: $13.25 per wig ppd.
Style F::

Wig Style "D"
Shown on "Samuel".

Easy to use style. Excellent for modern or the 20's
women, men or children.
Price: $13.25 per wig ppd.
Style D::

Wig Style "G" (Ginger Brown)
Shown on "Monique".


Doreens new 2nd Edition Catalog, released February 2004.
Our 16 page, color catalog includes all of Doreens products.
From over 50 molds, clothing patterns, prewaved hair, butterfly wing transfers and elastics.

Catalog $6.00 ppd

 copyright 2003 Sinnett
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